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Friday, the 13th.

The Loft- July Calendar 2018

It's been a few months since N.A.S.H. has made the ride up to Poughkeepsie, but we are back on Friday, July 13 and we are bringing along a few new friends... Ashes of the Phoenix, A Low Glow Ire Dawn, Dizzy Parker and Harrison Dolan. Make sure to check out all the bands and find them on social media! It is going to be a great night.

Tickets are $10. You can purchase tickets online by clicking here. For updates, join the Facebook group:

If you have been yearning to hear N.A.S.H. original songs, this is a night for you. We need you there. We want you there.

Villains, let's make our presence known in Poughkeepsie. Spread the word.

#nashworlddomination #nashvillains #nashband #nashtag #poughkeepsie #thechance #theloft

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