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Dead by Dawn

As the bitter bite of early winter begins to sink its teeth in, cursing the sky with early sundown and essentially initiating the death of the land, we four counter these inevitabilities by celebrating our annual traditions. We have always made it a point, perhaps on purpose or maybe even by accident, to begin writing together around this time of year. Perhaps it is the fact that this season symbolizes change...the leaves change, the surrounding air becomes crisper, cooler, the days become shorter....whatever it is about this time of year we identify with, it has always been an inspiration for N.a.s.H.

For 2-3 days, we leave behind all of those distractions that keep us preoccupied and head into the woods for a retreat. The first couple of years, we did it for the sole purpose of writing music, and it was actually successful. Some bits and pieces from songs on the upcoming album are arrangements that came from a collaborative contribution. Lyrically, Bryan was able to gain varying perspectives on subject matter that would have been clouded and muddled by everyday distractions back home. Joe and James were able to listen to these few ideas and create a backbone for them, a backbone rusted with originality and perfectly crafted with minimal equipment. Dylan was able to create Guitar melodies and harmonies(without wearing pants) that can not be found on any of today’s modern garbage, instead, not only do the work as the lubricant for each song, but they also paint the picture of a map for future....for N.a.s.H. and for the world of rock and roll.

Now, did we ONLY write musical selections up there in the woods alone? No...we’d be lying if we said yes. Can we tell you everything that went on in those 48-58 hours? Probably wouldn’t be wise. What was a fantastic surprise and a little bit of a change of pace this year versus years prior, was that we had with us one of our greatest friends, and N.a.s.H. super villain Mr. Joseph Koza. Joe added a real spice to the weekend, pumpkin spice to be precise. It was really nice to have him up there with us and gave us interesting ideas for future years....perhaps a weekend for the fans?? We’ll explore that more later on this year.

So much has happened already since signing our contract with Heavy Metal Records a couple months back. Most of it we cannot talk about YET. But it will far exceed expectation, that we can promise you. Video, merchandise, opening and headlining shows are among the things we have coming up in 2018....and the size of these will do no less that shock and awe. To kick off some of these major announcements, we are HEADLINING a show at the Chance in Poughkeepsie NY on December 15th. Tickets for this show are on sale now and you MUST COME. This will be one of the biggest shows we’ve had to date. You do not wanna be the only bonehead that didn't come.

So there you go...a little bit of a peak into our madness once again. Any of this Strike a chord with you? Please don’t keep it to yourself. You can share on our Facebook and Instagram pages and if you wanted to get even more personal, we will reach out to you personally. You just gotta ask. We would like to thank you all for your continued support and loyalty and having what it takes to know what is required out of ever Villain....we also want to thank Ms. Lauren Zucconi for running our pages and keeping us in constant contact with you.

That is, was, and has always been our mantra: we are nothing without you. But with you...we are more than just an idea. We are proof that passion and action can direct change. Anybody can claim to be a takes courage and commitment to call yourself a villain.

We love you all....we will see you December 15th at The Chance!!!

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