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Incredible Villains (.. and where to find them)

An uphill battle is one of those idioms that infects the very foundation of the industry of music and entertainment. As good as you are, you may never make the impossible possible. To be successful in something as shaky as the music business means something different to everyone. Whether it's your name or band name on the marquee of Madison Square Garden, or a million followers on Twitter, it always begins with the same thing: the fan. Someone who believes in you, what you do, or what you've created. And they believe in it so much that they buy it, or share it, or tell a friend about it. Your fans should be everything to you.

We've read books and articles that relate fans to customers and though that comparison may be on the surface true, you just CANNOT treat them as such. Our fans are our family. They are our reason for being. They are literally the blood that courses through the veins of our body. And they are the engine that has set into motion our climb uphill.

Well, villains, though our climb is nowhere near complete, we have reached a serious milestone in our lives. During these past several months, our AMAZING management team at Extreme Management Group have been negotiating a deal for us with a record label and we have finally signed with Heavy Metal Records, a subsidiary of Revolver Records. It is a U.K. based company that has and has had some serious acts on its roster, and now they have us and we have them. This is about as major as you can get in this business. It's a success that not every dreamer gets to enjoy, unfortunately. We have arrived.

Things from here on out get serious. We have been working for so many years to get to this point. And not to spoil this blog with platitudes, but the old saying really applies: if you put your mind to it, you can achieve anything. We four both separately and as a collective have been working ourselves to the bone to get to this place. The climate in this industry has changed so dramatically from what it once was, but what has always remained is that you can't just hope that it happens, you most certainly have to bleed for it.

As said above, there's no way we can take all the credit for this major turning point. There are too many people to thank individually. All of our parents, for one. The one thing that our band has always been fortunate in is not only understanding parents, but supportive as well. In the beginning they would even help load gear. Hell, some of them were even in the band! There are so many that we praise for being there for us, supporting us in every way. That support has been a major part of this and all of our success. Our brothers, our sisters, our wives, girlfriends...they come to all the shows and they are up front and giving it all. They work the sidelines, and they market us everyday. Mark Muller and Joann Gullo from our management company, EMG. They have been our biggest supporters in our business for the past few years. We are so lucky to work with such professional and passionate people.

And of course:

Our villains. Our fans. The engine and the blood. Some of you have been loyal fans for years. You travel great distances to see us and support us. You traveled to The Chance in Poughkeepsie then drove to Connecticut the next day to see us compete in the Foxwoods Casino Battle of the Bands (in which, by the way, we came in second place....BY ONE POINT!!!! Congratulations to The Noble Impoverished!).

This is all because of you, and this is all for you.

So what's next???

Well, if we could only tell you all of it, hehehe....touring, an album release, even more media and merchandise perhaps??? Maybe. We can tell you this much: the long arms of N.a.s.H. have been at the side for long enough. In 2018, they will stretch all the way around the planet....

For this and everything, we thank you all so much. We love you more than anything. An uphill battle is what N.a.s.H. does best. Rock and roll has been the punchline of a joke for far too f@&king long. It has new blood now.

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