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Plane, Train, N.a.s.H. BUS

Heyoooooo VILLAINS!!!!!

So we put this up a couple of days ago on our Facebook page and we're putting it up again here!

We have an EXTREMELY fun show coming up at the Foxwoods Resort Casino on Saturday, August 26th and we want, nay, NEED you there. This is a Battle of the Bands, but we see it as more of an opportunity to show Connecticut what is coming their way. We need you there, but we also understand that it is a bit of a drive.

So, our amazing friends at D&D's Restaurant & Pub in New City, NY floated a fantastic idea our way...leave to the amazing people at D&D's: always looking out for the villains.

If you are interested in coming on the bus to N.a.s.H. Battle of the Bands at Foxwoods Casino on Saturday August 26th, you can:

We have a certain number we must reach, so if you are holding out for any particular reason, you only have until THIS MONDAY, AUGUST 21st to decide!!!

We love you

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