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Welders Flash

As our closest star hangs burning in the summer sky, we continue to whip the earth. This season, unless you are on tour, the summer time is universally known in bandworld as dead time. Everyone's gone on vacation, or batten down the hatches and gone into hiding from the heat... not N.a.s.H.

As the release date for "Incredible Villains" draws near, we have dug in and played every single backyard barbecue or town carnival we could get our hands on. Historically, we have been known to play ANYTHING. There is no gig off limits. As seedy or grimy as they could get, the more we want 'em. If we find ourselves saying, "ah I don't know, you think playing that's a good idea?", that's the one we're gonna play. On the other side of that, we've also tried to give back a little bit to some excellent organizations locally. We've done some shows for the Wayne Hose Company #1 Stony Point Fire Department, as well as the Village of Montgomery, NY. We have a very deep respect for the job our public servants do, and as bad as we are, we are grateful to them all for protecting our families and friends. It's these gigs that keep us working constantly, every weekend honestly.

The summer thus far, has been very good for us. We are also playing ROUND 2 at the Foxwoods Casino Resort Battle of the Bands on Wednesday, July 19th, and The Chance Theatre on Friday ,August 25th opening for Zepparella. This show cannot be missed.

And in between the madness, we are working on new music. There's still a huge well of pain and misery and love and sadness and necrophilia that we have to tap into for song material.

So much has happened to us in the past few months that it will be well documented for your enjoyment (and our embarrassment).

What else can be said?

Well, we're askin' you. Get off your ass and talk to us.

We love you, Villains. Time to get evil.

We are so excited for what's coming.

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