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A Band in New York

Hey Villains!

Been a few weeks since we done brought you a new blog, but not for lack of trying. We have entered into a speedy free fall as of late, and by golly is it fun.

Our last show at The Loft in Poughkeepsie was opening for the legendary CJ Ramone. Can you imagine? The four of us grew up begging some places to let us in to we're opening for a music legend. That shit don't come for free. We are a humble bunch of dudes. There isn't a whole lotta ego floatin around. But we did pat ourselves on the back for that one. Don't worry, we went right back to be our own harshest critic.

We also loaded up the van and hauled ass to Connecticut to play a battle of the bands at Foxwoods Resort Casino. Honestly, we were just so in love with the idea of playing at a casino. We've seen some major acts at these casinos in the past...Green Day, Creed, Shinedown, etc., and we really love the thought of playing the same venues. Not to mention ITS A CASINO!!!! I felt like Danny Ocean just walking into the place. Without the rugged good looks and savvy criminal skills of course. But we had Gibson guitars, so it felt fairly badass walkin into a casino ready to rattle the slot machines. Oh yea and while we were blinded by the love of playing the casino circuit, we won the battle. Which means now we move onto the next round, and one more to go after that. Winning 10 grand? That would be pretty dope.

We have a CRAZY busy month in June. Since we last blogged, not all things were doused in sunlight and rainbow juice. We all suffered a very tragic loss. A pain that for us is very real, and we could only imagine it's intensity for this persons family. On May 18th, the world lost Chris Cornell. There isn't too much we can say that would be of any comfort, or that could explain why such things happen. The only thing we could tell you is it affected us deeply as musicians, as lovers of music, as fans of Soundgarden, TOTD, and Chris. As members of the grunge family. As human beings. We don't ever see FULLY recovering. When you lose someone like that, the piece of yourself that was changed by what that person created becomes intensified. It's hard to emotionally negotiate a loss so tragic. We have the art that Chris Cornell left behind and each other to help in healing. As difficult as it is, we have to try. And we have each other to lean on to help heal. Always. As we said, there isn't much we can say about this as we are still pretty torn up about it as well. Not that you look to us for profound reasoning, but just know we are always here for you, villains.

We have been teasing something for the longest time. We don't particularly like teasing, as one of our most favorite thing about the N.a.s.H. Villain Mob is mutual transparency, but this one we are kind of likin' (because the news is so huge). So while we cannot reveal anything yet, just know that everything is right there. Look behind you, you see that...thing there? No no not there behind that thing, riiiiiight THERE....That's how close we are. It's news that has many many levels and layers and we will be revealing it all at once and very soon. Our management company, the incredible Extreme Management Group, has been behind this since the beginning and has told us that we are so close. So we won't be bringing it up again, next time you hear it mentioned it'll be right next to you tickling your armpit.

We do have one last favor before we are out. All of you who come to this site have shown us one really important piece of intel: that you support fully our band and what we stand for; what we create, you believe in. We can't tell you how much we love you for that. Our homegirl that runs this site, Lauren, told us the other day that the numbers for this site have SKYROCKETED in the past few months. That gives us the giggles. It makes us feel real and it makes us excited for what we are embarking on because we have you ready to stand up with us and make some fucking noise. What we need you to do, and on any and all platforms N.a.s.H., whether it be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, this website, etc., have your friends join this mob. We are only as strong as you, and this far you have grown this band into a veritable force. We build. That is what we do. We can promise you that our motive is pure and it is simple: play and celebrate Rock and Roll music. We aren't trying to sell you face cream, we aren't trying to unlock levels on Candy Crush.

Rock and Roll music helped me, Joe, Dylan, and James grow. It helped us live. It got us through heartbreak and loss. We celebrate it when the sun rises, and we lean on it in the darkest of nights. All music is there for you. It's more accessible now then it's ever been. Yet despite the ease at which you can get it, there is no DECENT rock radio station in New York. Get on your social media outlets and spread our word. We need you. We are only as strong as our family. You are that family. We love you all so much, for your support and for your love and appreciation for the music that helped us become who we are today. It has done the same for you I am sure.

The good guys had their chance. Now it's the villains' turn.

Rock on, Incredible Villains



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