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Playing at one of New York's biggest live music venues, opening for Doyle, and the chance to do it again...

Hello, villains!!!!

Our first show back in Poughkeepsie after years of being away was nothing short of a monster success. A success we always attribute first and foremost to our loyal gang of bad guys and girls, YOU, but also a success we really worked hard at. Dylan was the captain of this particular mission. He secured us this slot by sending in our press kit and speaking with the amazing people over at The Loft. We were chosen to open the show for a huge influence of ours, especially James.....former Misfits guitarist, Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein!!!

Getting into the town of Poughkeepsie has a strange vibe to it. It doesn't seem like a place that has hosted some of the biggest names in music. We loaded the gear into the venue and immediately felt welcome. The other bands on the bill couldn't have been nicer. We would be remiss if we didn't mention, please check out Doyle, Two-Fisted Law, Vision Serpent and elementA440. Awesome people with awesome music. For those of you who were unable to make the show, let us set the are the second band to go on but the load in was at 5:00 in the late afternoon. That means you have to kill 2 plus hours before you hit the stage. THAT is the longest 2 hours in existence. However, it did give us an opportunity to set up a really kickass merch table and hang out with our fans. We will be doing that at every show for as long as possible. We sold some gear, took some pictures, and met some amazing people. Some of which we hope are reading this now. We want to be close with our fans. As close as you can get, over the clothes type know.....But again that is the longest 2 hours because we are chomping at the bit to get on stage. Because mixed in that crowded hall of our fan family is also a murder of N.a.s.H. virgins ready to be added to the collective heart. And once we hit the stage, the challenge was on. We might have been the odd boys out that night. By the end, however, our music was right where we aimed it to be: accepted and enjoyed, loved even.

There is a ferocity among this family of live-music goers that leaves one to draw several conclusions: rock music still has a pulse despite what the naysayers naysay. Live music has a full on heart beat, which ticket sales may say otherwise but who fuckin listens to numbers anyway? And lastly but certainly not least, LIVE ROCK music has a full-on erection and it's coming back, place your bets. When every hand in the venue defies gravity and every voice outspoken, The Loft took on life. We obviously weren't the only ones who brought our A-game that night.

After we met some AMAZING new friends, we loaded up the gear but before we left we were approached by the staff of the loft and asked back immediately. We hold on our hands some tickets to sell for the LEGENDARY CJ Ramone, whom we will be opening up for on May 18th!!!!! [Click here to buy tickets online and click here to join the Facebook Event]

CJ was the bassist/vocalist for the Ramones from the late '80s to the mid '90s and you can visit his site at or and pick up his album "American Beauty" on sale NOW!!!

This is a dream come true and we could not do it without you all. We thank you all so much from the bottom of our hearts for your continued love I music and of N.a.s.H. and we will have more big news in the coming months so stay bad and stay tuned.

Check us out now on Facebook for live updates as they happen and follow us on twitter and instagram. But most importantly....keep live music alive and buy some tickets!!!!!!

SHOUTOUT TO Frisketti Photo for taking some kick ass pictures! Check out and on Instagram!

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