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We're working on a template for YOU to design the set list for the next show!!!! Going forward we're going to try to make this a semi-regular staple at N.a.s.H. We're firm believers in's our mission statement if you will: if there's no YOU, there's no US. Hell. No you no music. You are the source of the passion. Ok, outside of the super convoluted and until we get this up and running, do us a solid.....please request your FAVORITE N.a.s.H. original for the next show!!!!

Leave your comments on our Facebook Page... and we will pick one and dedicate it to you.

After we play it? You guessed it we'll rub your back. Can't make the next show??

Well, make your request anyway and if there is a show you plan to attend in the future, leave that with your selection and we will play that mother then.

We're excited. Spread the word and like and share!!!! We love you so much Make it old make it new, make it b......JUST MAKE IT!!!!! YOU PICK

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