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Peanut Butter?

I am incredibly lucky to be in this band. There are not many people that get to experience the thrill of being on stage and having people cheer, nay, SCREAM your name. There are thousands upon thousands of artists out there, and I count myself blessed to have two very talented brothers with whom I have created an art that entertains, that actually draws people and compliments. Please don’t confuse my confidence with cockiness, because we had to work very hard to get here. It is hours in the basement. It’s driving long distance to play empty bars. It isn’t some shake and bake televised singing competition. It is, and has been, blood sweat and tears that fuel the essence of this band. We have gone from being thrown out of venues to having screaming crowds singing our songs. I think I realized how powerful this thing was when I heard “October” being blasted from a car as it drove by a bar we were playing at. We one day hope to bring this to the world. It will be counted as one of the best days of my life. I have dreams of being on stage at a huge stadium filled with screaming people. In the front row are all the people that have been loyal to us through the good and the bad; the people who are with the band, and drive me to get on that stage. One day, friends, we will be there. I love you all.

As always, be excellent to each other - Joe

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