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Oh No.. What's this?

So as you can see, we have a little bit of what I like to call, new stuff you may or may not have heard before. Latest entry:

Gabriel’s Chaos Theory

. It’s one of those titles that felt so right to me. As I am sure most of you can relate, I have always known one almost irrefutable fact about myself: feeling is easy. Describing such feelings to other people? Not so much. Sometimes ideas come to me in the form of short, simplified phrases, I.e., Im so scared, October, etc. Something I can see or feel in the physical world will react with some feeling in my brain that is easily accessible and out it will pour. “Gabriel’s” occurred in no such fashion. This idea came to me during sleep. A recurring nightmare that in one form or another has always remained constantly fixed in my cerebral cortex.

At this point I do have to tell you all one very important detail about this song: though it may seem, and all pertinent evidence will certainly point to this possibility, this song has no religious implications!!! And not to say that we do not have thoughts and beliefs on the matter, however, OUR thoughts and beliefs are in fact that YOU have thoughts AND beliefs and you better goddamn well better use that shit!!!! That being said, though the song has no theological message, the possible religious essence behind the story is what I used as a vehicle for describing my most deepest fear: failure. Not quite measuring up. The song follows an angel who gives everything he is to a cause. “He” sacrifices all for one person in hopes that he and his own will be remembered and praised for it. And in the end, the angel is passed over for, in his eyes, those less deserving. As the song progresses, the angel exhibits the antithesis of what behavior would warrant praise.

TOTALLY convoluted! I hear you. I really want you to feel this song. I wanted so badly to describe it perfectly but it dawned on me…I CAN’T. It is my absolute worst nightmare. Every time we play the song, I feel it like a fire in my gut burning my very insides! Do you know what I mean? I hope you do.

Please take this away:

I, in no way shape or form moonlight as a theology major….think of this in its most raw form. I always hated it when my favorite bands got “too preachy” about their lyrics. I do, however, would like you all to know us. And we desperately want to know you. That is what “Gabriel’s Chaos Theory” is about.

- Bryan

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