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Likin' it dirty

“You have to give people something to dream on” Jimi Hendrix

I’m at work today and I just completed the Ride the Lightning album, moving swiftly to …And Justice for All. In the in between I have the radio on. My whole adult life thus far has been spent on shores of two separate ideals: one being that if it robs me of my life, I will write music that will move people the way I remember being moved. Simple as that. Of course that also includes my brothers and I playing sold out stadium shows, but you can’t be too greedy. The second being that I HATE processed music. I know that if you look into your heart of hearts you’ll know exactly what I am talking about. I’m not a fan of it, but eat a steak from a fine ass restaurant in New York City. Then pick up a Hungry Dick dinner from your local Stop and Save supermarket. Yea that’s what I mean. There’s an obvious and somewhat gut wrenchingly painful difference between “Purple Haze” and Fall Out Boy. I understand very well and on a personal level that computer recording is a more accessible, economical means of recording for a NEW UNSIGNED ARTIST. I can promise you this friends that when your band N.a.s.H. gets up to bat, we will serve you nothing less than the finest T-Bone on the menu.

Rock on, bitch

- Bryan

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